Thursday, September 10, 2015



Krishna is personification of all the love, peace, joy, courage, health, happiness,devotion, seva and all of everything in the world together.. He is all the beauty there is, in all forms collectively. Krishna is beyond time, space, forms and logic and yet everything at the highest of all scenes and expressions.... Radha became the one to dissolve herself completely and live like krishna would..and reflect krishna everywhere, so much and so deep that no trace of radha is left.. Krishna is purity, best and essence of everything..hence beyond all..there is only one way to know live like him, like radha...

Hare Krishna🙏🙏🙏

Thursday, November 18, 2010

darkness meets light…impossible happens

You know what we care about most in this world…its L.O.V.E. yes I mean Love.. the feeling where your heart stops …u start thinking about somebody..all day..all night…just do anything in the world to meet your loved one…lie anybody just to talk to her…to meet her…that feeling where you don’t find words to speak…its so funny…u are just tongue tied or..Just talking all the time..Without making any sense….it happens to blessed ones..

Love is a blessing…it is a feeling so delicate and so divine that it can’t be put in words…writers, poets, artists all over the world go on writing, talking, speeching and painting about it..but nothing’s ever really been said…and nothing can be said…coz we live in a world of words…of language….and love is of the beyond…it is not of this world…it is a call from the unknown …an unknown abyss that we know nothing of…never heard of….not even an inch…

Its life …it is heaven’s knocking on your door…love is a call of the existence…a shower from all over… are transformed…it is here for you to know that something more exists to life…that what is seen and understood is not all…you try to understand life your your small words of idioms and logic…you try to make put formulas of happiness….but all you know and talk of life is shit…just useless garbage….nothing can be said…whatever can be useless. And all what is important can’t be said…Lao Tsu used to say: truth cannot be said….it just cannot…u have to be it..feel it…experience it..

Love is a call to enlighten you of the unknown…it’s a healing to revitalize you …to make you feel yourself..about your true self..your real nature….like your mother calling your name when u used to run away in the middle of something… love is a knock knock..wake up…wake up…good morning…existence’s way of saying Good Morning to you…like bringing flowers to you…

If love has happened to you that means you are on the verge of something…standing on the thin and fragile bridge that connects the world that you see and the truth…that joins godliness and the world…that holds together…heaven and earth.. you are already on the brink..just a push and u’ll be lost …as you are ..and be reborn in the world of godliness….love is the glimpse…a window into the heaven..into the kingdom of god….those are blessed who are blessed… just enter…kingdom is right there….love makes u see cleanses your eyes and soul…it clears the the way of god…the mist is clear suddenly..and you see is there…just in front of you…

But misunderstandings happen…you mistaken the channel for the source…love is not yours to control…neither is it happening to your soul mate…it just descends…to anybody…anybody could’ve been used as a channel…love is for you to be….you cannot cage it…you cannot hold it in your fists…can u hold clouds in your smalls hands…or can you grasp the ocean with your tiny just cannot….ocean holds you…clouds shower on you from all over…it’s a gift…pure ..Innocent…thanks giving…it is not for sale…it will stick around as long as it’s the wish of don’t own it….you just be in it…express your thanks…express yourself…desire of being a master destroys everything…desire destroys love…don’t desire…just be…bathe in it…let it spread all over you…inside and outside…let every pore and cell of you dance…become a symphony…let go with it…let it take over…take control of your life…and then you are no more the same person…you are reborn…the light is all over…darkness meets light…impossible happens…

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Forgetting Words

Chuang Tzu continued: ‘The fish trap exists because of the fish, once you’ve caught the fish, you can forget the trap. The rabbit snare exists because of the rabbit; once you’ve caught the rabbit, you can forget the snare. Words exist because of their meaning; once you’ve grasped the meaning, you can forget the words. When I find people who have forgotten the words, I can have a word with them.’

Sunday, January 10, 2010

MInd to No-mind

Its a journey from head to heart. A hand's length, almost, but it is the biggest pilgrimage and the shortest, technically. You need a master, one who has been able to jump beyond the mind, the confused, competitive, jumping mind. A journey of life. Buddha said "Aappa deepo bhav". It means "Be a light unto yourself". No body can help you. Nothing can lead you to moksha. Burn your heart, rather, burn yourself.

No-Mind is not just a word, it is rather an invented word. It means a lot. It something to be felt and lived. You are aquainted with the Mind, its nuiances. You can imagine, when Mind goes quiet and is ready to serve you, rather than you serving it, which is the case now. Get ready, start now, you do not have time. It is now or never. God bless you all.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Best of Taoism – Right words sounding wrong

Nothing in this world is as soft and weak as water. Yet nothing is so effective as water at wearing away stones, which are hard and strong. And as it wears away stones, it remains unaltered. Thus softness overcomes hardness; weakness overcomes strength. Everyone knows this; but few people use this knowledge.

Wise people say: ‘By regarding yourself as a sinner, you become virtuous. By regarding yourself as lowly, you become mighty.’ Yes, life is full of paradoxes, in which right words sound wrong.

After a conflict is over, some enmity remains. How can peace be made? Wise people keep to the agreement that was made, but do not make demands on their former enemies.

Those whose power is genuine, concentrate on fulfilling their own obligations. Those whose power is hollow, insist on others fulfilling their obligations.

The way has no favourites; it is on the side of goodness.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Best of Taoism – The lower and the higher

The lake is master of the river that runs into it. Why? Because the lake is lower and the river is higher; and that which is lower, is master of that which is higher.

The wise person, wanting to teach other people, talks to them from below. The wise person, wanting to guide other people, follows them.

So the wise person advises without cajoling, leads without forcing, educates without informing. The wise person never competes for attention for others, knowing that competition is always futile.

As a result, people never tire of listening to the wise person’s words, and praising the wise person’s insight.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Best of Taoism – Small and Easy

Do without doing. Act without action. Taste without tasting any flavour. Treat the small as large, and the few as many.

When you are injured, respond with a kind deed. When you are insulted, respond with a kind word.

When life is easy, prepare for hard times. Solve problems that are small, before they grow large. Remember that even the greatest problems in the world were originally tiny problems.

Thus wise people, by never doing great things, get great things done.

It may be said that, if you only do small tasks, your work will be worthless. It may be said that, if you only do easy tasks, you show yourself to be feeble. But wise people know that by undertaking only small tasks, they achieve much; and that by only doing easy tasks, they show their strength.